Our Mission

To enhance everyday experiences by providing thoughtful and imaginative design solutions.


SISU is personal to me. It is a word used by my Grandmother and Mother of Finnish and Norwegian heritage. In one word, it embodies determination, potential, grit, freedom, courage, preparedness, strength, community, heart. 


Extraordinary determination, courage and resoluteness in the face of extreme adversity. An action mindset which enables individuals to see beyond their present limitations and into what might be. Taking action against the odds and reaching beyond observed capacities.  


I believe in whole-hearted intentional living and that there is a universe of potential within all of us. But to become successful we must dig deep, persevere, and prepare ourselves, knowing that God has a divine plan. We must always recognize who, and Whose, we are.  


If you ask my mother, I was always a designer. 

I loved to build Barbie houses, re-arrange my room, and draw house plans. While my friends played “mom” and “teacher”, I played “architect”. It was always there. Thankfully, I never forgot what I loved to do at 9 years old, and when it was time to choose a career-path I decided Interior Design was logical. I attended a technical college in Minnesota, my home state, and graduated in 2002 with a degree and an opportunity in the great state of Virginia.   

My professional journey began with a stock cabinet manufacturer as a full- time designer. In this position, I worked in a corporate atmosphere, collaboratively designing show homes and nationwide displays in Lowe’s stores. I went on to work for a small custom cabinet dealer selling, specifying, ordering and managing all aspects of kitchen and bath renovations as well as new home building projects. During the recession of 2009, my work brought me to Washington DC where I worked in a high- end custom kitchen and bath firm. It was there that I honed my creative drawing and specifying skills as well as expanded my overall knowledge of exotic materials, and abilities in the luxury market.

In 2013, a move to North Carolina brought new opportunities in design including custom furniture sales and luxury millwork representation. It was in this market that I became increasingly aware of a gap between mass produced product and ultra-expensive goods (and design as an afterthought, in some cases).

My vision is to fill the gap.